We undertake to uphold the following principles to:

  • Implement and maintain sound systems of corporate governance, taking cognisance of recognised global governance guidelines;
  • Ensure that ethical business practices and decisions are upheld, and to maintain an appropriate whistle-blowing system to counter any transgressions;
  • Take appropriate responsibility for a safe working environment, and to strive for continual improvement in our health and safety performance;
  • Recognise and uphold the rights of employees and community members, and to guard against any discriminatory practices;
  • Safeguard natural resources, to minimise resource usage and waste, to protect biodiversity and optimise the usage of the land within our custodianship, and to seek continual improvement in our environmental performance.
  • Contribute to the social and economic upliftment of local communities through positive engagement and contributions in support of sustainable projects and programmes.

Audit and risk committee
charter Audit and risk committee charter (425KB)

Board Diversity Policy Board diversity policy

Board of directors charter Board of directors charter (405KB)

Code of ethics Code of ethics (69KB)

Compliance policy Compliance policy (393KB)

Environmental policy Environmental policy (26KB)

Environmental policy Group information systems steering committee (232KB)

Audit and risk committee
charter Health, safety and environmental committee charter (372KB)

Board Diversity Policy Human rights policy (124KB)

Investment committee Investment committee charter (613KB)

Memorandum of Incorporation Memorandum of Incorporation (480KB)

Nomination Committee charter Nomination committee charter (247KB)

Social, ethics and human resources committee Social, ethics, human resources and transformation committee charter (400KB)

Sustainable development policy Sustainable development policy (28KB)