Listing of a new financial instrument – ZPLP

The JSE Limited has granted approval to Zambezi Platinum for the listing of the ZPLP preference shares (“Preference Shares”) on Monday, 11 May 2015, under Zambezi Plat RF Ltd Pref, however the Preference Shares will be issued with effect from Monday, 18 May 2015.

The Preference Share terms are available in the prospectus issued by Zambezi Platinum which is available on Northam Platinum Limited’s website.

Instrument code: ZPLP
Number of Preference Shares issued: 159 905 453
Issue price: R41.00
Nominal value: R6 556 123 573
Dividend rate: 12.75%, being the aggregate of the prime rate (9.25% as at 11 May 2015) plus 3.5%
Issue date: 18 May 2015
Date from which dividend accrues: 18 May 2015
Maturity date: 18 May 2015
Last day to trade 5 business days prior to the dividend payment date
Dividend payment dates: 31 December of each year until the maturity date
Redemption price: R6 556 123 573
ISIN: ZAE000202552
Agent: Andisa Capital Proprietary Limited

The Preference Shares will be immobilised in the Central Depository and settlement will take place electronically in terms of the Debt Listings Requirements of the JSE Limited.

13 May 2015

Debt Sponsor
One Capital