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Sustainable Development Policy

Northam Platinum is a fully independent, black-owned and controlled integrated platinum group metals (PGM) producer. Northam wholly owns and operates the Zondereinde platinum mine and metallurgical complex on the western limb of the South African Bushveld Complex, and is developing the Booysendal platinum project.

Northam Platinum recognises that, as a company, it has a wide range of stakeholders with interests vested in the company, including employees, shareholders, business partners, suppliers, customers, and community members. We recognise that we have a duty to act with care and responsibility towards these stakeholders, and to engage with them in a meaningful, consistent and respectful manner.

Northam is particularly mindful that, as a mining company, we exploit a finite national asset, and do so within a resource-constrained natural, social and economic environment. It is incumbent therefore, on us, the management and the employees of Northam, to act responsibly and ethically, and to embed sustainability into our strategy and operations, and into all the business decisions that we take.

We undertake to uphold the following principles:

  • To implement and maintain sound systems of corporate governance, taking cognisance of recognised governance guidelines.
  • To integrate ethical business practices into decision-making at all levels of the company and to ensure that the appropriate confidential whistle-blowing processes are in place.
  • To take joint responsibility for health and safety, and to strive for continual improvement in our safety and health performance.
  • To recognise and uphold the rights of employees and community members, and to recognise and celebrate diversity amongst our people.
  • To safeguard our natural resources, to minimise resource usage and waste, to protect our biodiversity and optimise the usage of the land of which we are custodians, and to seek continual improvement in our environmental performance.
  • To contribute to the social and economic upliftment of local communities through positive engagement and contributions in support of sustainable projects and programmes.

August 2010


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