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Sustainable Development 2013

Sustainable development report 2013

This sustainable development report addresses Northam’s governance, economic, social and environmental performance for the 2013 financial year. This information is structured according to the five capitals approach which covers the financial, human, social, natural and manufactured components of the business. Continue reading


Economic performance

Financial capital

Based on market capitalisation, Northam is considered to be a mid-tier PGM company. However, unlike many of its peers and smaller producers, Northam is unique in that it has full ownership of its production stream, from mining to processing to marketing. MORE DETAIL

Safety, health and employee well-being

Human capital

Northam is nothing without its people. The company is dependent on a healthy, skilled, trained and committed workforce, capable of completing tasks safely and productively. Efforts to develop and empower employees are on-going, and form part of a drive to continuously improve the quality of life of those who sustain the company’s business. MORE DETAIL

Employment and human rights

Social capital

Northam understands that it does not operate in isolation from the communities and environments in which its mines are located. As a result, the company plays a responsible and co-operative role in these areas, providing meaningful and relevant contributions to their social and economic upliftment, wherever possible. MORE DETAIL

Northam in the community

Natural capital

Northam acknowledges that, as a PGM development, mining and processing company, its activities inevitably have an impact on the environment in which its operations are found. Conserving and optimising the use of resources including land, water, energy and fuel, are among Northam’s highest priorities and most significant challenges. MORE DETAIL

Environmental performance

Manufactured capital

PGMs are used in a wide range of applications which contribute to human health and wellbeing. They also provide various environmental health benefits. Northam’s strategic intent in terms of refining, distributing and selling its product is to maintain its positioning in the global marketplace as a reliable independent and competitive supplier of high-quality refined PGMs. MORE DETAIL


Chief executive’s review

As a responsible corporate citizen, we are deeply conscious at Northam of compliance with legislation, regulations, reporting standards and norms, and we keep abreast of changes in the thinking around reporting.

Stakeholder engagement

Northam ensures that the principles of openness, integrity and accountability are adopted at every level of engagement with identified stakeholders. The company defines its stakeholders as those individuals, groups and entities directly affected, both positively and negatively, by its activities.


Northam is committed to upholding and implementing principles of good corporate governance at all levels of the company. The board of directors ensures that all deliberations, decisions and actions of the company’s business and operational structures are based on good corporate governance and fundamentally sound values.

Reporting in line with GRI

Northam has self-declared a B+ level of reporting and has engaged external auditors ERM to assure certain key parameters and the group’s compliance with its stated application level.

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