The growth of our business ensures meaningful employment for our people.

We create opportunities for training and skills development both for employees and the communities where we operate.

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Women in Mining - Each One, Teach One

Women have always been pivotal to developing and improving the lives of those around them, and it is no different in the workplace. This publication celebrates the important role that women play at Northam Platinum Mines.

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Thumbnail careers

In the next five years, Northam will create approximately 1,300 new jobs.

We need to ensure we can attract new talent while also retaining and developing the talent we already have in the business.

Our status as a good employer within our local communities is central to successfully creating the size and quality of workforce we need to deliver our business strategy.

We aim to be the employer of choice wherever we operate.

Our promise to our employees (EVP*) is the foundation of Northam's employer brand.

It is a comprehensive set of offerings that represents our employee-centred approach and is consistent with our strategic objectives. The EVP* consists of three interlinked elements: culture and engagement; reward and recognition; and stability and growth.

* Employee Value Proposition

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We believe in the positive impact of mining not only for our investors but for our communities, our environment and our people.

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