1. Corporate profile
  2. Scope of the report
  3. Governance
  4. From the chairman and CEO
  5. Our sustainability footprint
  6. Sustainable Development Policy
  7. Economic performance
  8. Social performance
  9. Environmental performance
  10. Report of the independent assurer
  11. Reporting in line with GRI
  12. Mining Charter compliance

Scope of the report

Northam Platinum has produced this Sustainable Development Report to supplement the Annual Report, and to address the company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance in greater detail. Continue reading

From the chairman and CEO

“We would like to be considered as a responsible and ethical corporate citizen by our employees, our business partners, our customers, our investors and our communities.” Continue reading

Our sustainability footprint

As a mining and processing company, Northam’s sphere of influence extends beyond the boundaries of its mines.  Continue reading


Northam is committed to upholding and implementing principles of good corporate governance at all levels of the company. Continue reading

B+ GRI Checked

Reporting in line with GRI

Northam is supportive of the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) G3 reporting guidelines and has provided an index of compliance with the guidelines and the core performance indicators. Continue reading

Key performance indicators

  1. R640 million profit

    Economic performance

    • 321 475oz of PGMs produced
    • Sales revenue of R3.9 billion
    • Profit of R641.0 million
    • Taxes paid of R333.6 million
    • R881 million HDSA/BEE procurement

    More on economic performance

  2. 9 042 employees

    Social performance

    • 9 042 people employed ***
    • Employee turnover of 8%
    • 7% women in mining
    • 33% HDSAs in management
    • R50 million spent on training and development
    • One fatality in F2010
    • LTIIR* – 0.83 per 200 000 hours
    • 434 employees on ART**
    • R12.1 million spent on corporate social environment

    More on social performance

  3. 9 042 employees

    Environmental performance

    • Energy used – 690 198MWh
    • Fresh water used – 3.98 million m³
    • 86% of water recycled

    More on environmental performance

  • * Lost time injury incidence rate
  • ** Anti-retroviral treatment
  • *** As at 30 June 2010