Announcements 2020

Dealings in securities

Northam shareholders (“shareholders”) are advised that on an annual basis the company awards conditional shares (as defined in the rules of the Northam Share Incentive Plan, 2011 (“SIP”)), a portion of which are not subject to performance conditions (“retention shares”) and the balance of which are subject to both operation and market performance conditions (“performance shares”), to all employees within the Paterson D lower band and above, in terms of the SIP (“awards”). In the ordinary course, awards are made in November of each year.

Northam was in a prohibited period (as defined in the JSE Limited Listings Requirements and the JSE Debt Listings Requirements (collectively, the “Listings Requirements”)), pursuant to, inter alia, the cautionary announcement published on the Stock Exchange News Service operated by the JSE Limited (“SENS”) on 2 November 2020 and the subsequent renewals thereof published on SENS on 14 December 2020, 28 January 2021 and 11 March 2021, and therefore the granting of the awards for F2021 (“F2021 awards”) was delayed, in accordance with the SIP rules.

Since the publication of the announcement on SENS on 23 March 2021, whereby the cautionary announcement was withdrawn, Northam is no longer in a prohibited period and accordingly the F2021 awards have been granted.

In accordance with the Listings Requirements, shareholders are advised of the following acceptances of the F2021 awards by directors of the company, a director of a major subsidiary of the company and Northam’s company secretary:

Name of director: Dr Noluyolo Yoza Jekwa
Name of associate: Miss Ela Jekwa
Relationship with director: Daughter
Nature of the transaction: Purchase of ordinary shares
Nature and extent of director’s interest Direct beneficial
Class of shares Ordinary shares
Date of transaction 25 June 2020
Price per ordinary share R113.79 per ordinary share
Total number of ordinary shares 175
Value of transaction R19 913.25
Transactions completed On market
Clearance obtained in terms of paragraph 3.66 of the Listings Requirements Yes

06 April 2021

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