Announcements 2022

Northam noteholders (“Noteholders”) are advised of the reduction in the nominal amount of notes in bond series NHM011 (the “Applicable Notes”), guaranteed by Booysendal Platinum Proprietary Limited, by an aggregate amount of R325 000 000, with effect from 19 April 2022 (“Reduction”). The Reduction will be implemented  in  accordance  with  the  terms  and  conditions   of   the   Northam   Platinum   Limited R15 000 000 000 Domestic Medium Term Note Programme as amended and/or supplemented from time to time (the “Programme”).

Bond Code: NHM011
ISIN: ZAG000159237
Reduction in the nominal amount: R325 000 000
Remaining nominal amount in issue: R243 000 000

The Reduction will be effected through the purchase by Northam of the relevant number of Applicable Notes and the surrender thereof to the transfer agent  under the Programme for cancellation, with  effect from 19 April 2022.

The purchase by Northam of the Applicable Notes forms part of a note switch, whereby the maturity date in respect of the nominal amount of the Applicable Notes will be effectively extended through the purchase and cancellation of the Applicable Notes and the simultaneous issue of new notes under the Programme, for the same nominal amount, with longer maturity dates (“Note Switch”). The nominal amount of the Note Switch will be issued as part of the sixth tranche to be issued under bond series NHM018 (maturing on  25 May 2023).

The rationale for the Note Switch is to enable Northam to maintain a minimum level of medium-term gearing.

13 April 2022

Corporate Advisor to Northam
One Capital

Sole Arranger, Dealer and Debt Sponsor to Northam in respect of the Programme
One Capital