Announcements 2022

The Group is pleased to announce that it has completed a private placement of new domestic medium term notes (“Notes”) to the value of c. R2.06 billion under Northam’s R15 billion Domestic Medium Term Note Programme, as amended and/or supplemented from time to time (“Programme”) and has effectively extended the maturity of the nominal amount of certain Notes to the value of c. R1.17 billion by in excess of 2 years (collectively, the “Tap Issuances”).

The aggregate placements pursuant to the Tap Issuances amount to R3.23 billion, with c. R1.34 billion, c. R1.64 billion and R250 million placed on 19 April 2022, 26 April 2022 and 26 May 2022, respectively, which placements were largely aligned with the maturity dates of Notes under bond series NHM007, NHM009 and NHM011.

Following the Tap Issuances, the total nominal value of Notes in issue under the Programme amounts to c. R11.36 billion. R102 million of Notes will mature during the current financial year, with the remainder of maturities spread across calendar years 2023 to 2026.

Paul Dunne, Northam’s Chief Executive Officer said, “Northam is grateful for the continued support shown to it by the participants in the Programme. The R3.23 billion combination of new investment and the extension of maturities, allows Northam to maintain its preferred level of gearing in the medium term.

26 May 2022

Corporate Advisor and JSE Sponsor to Northam Holdings
One Capital

Sole Arranger and Dealer to Northam in respect of the Programme
One Capital

Corporate Advisor and Debt Sponsor to Northam
One Capital

Attorneys to Northam and Northam Holdings
Webber Wentzel;

Attorneys to Northam, the Arranger and the Dealer in respect of the Programme
Bowman Gilfillan Inc.