Announcements 2022

It is with great sadness that the board of directors of Northam Holdings (“Northam Holdings Board”) and the board of directors of Northam Platinum (“Northam Platinum Board”) advise of the untimely passing of Mr David Hugh Brown, the independent non-executive chairman of the Northam Holdings Board and Northam Platinum Board, on Sunday, 19 June 2022.   

Mr Brown joined Northam in November 2017 and served as a member of Northam’s remuneration committee and chairperson of Northam’s nomination committee and investment committee. Mr Brown contributed a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise and Northam is appreciative of Mr Brown’s invaluable leadership and wise counsel during his tenure.

The directors of Northam Holdings and Northam Platinum wish to extend their deepest sympathies to Mr Brown’s family and friends.  

Paul Dunne, CEO, Northam, said: “I am shocked and saddened at the sudden passing of David, a stalwart of the Southern African mining industry. He was not only Chairman of Northam’s board but a friend and colleague. He worked at board level in the sector for more than 23 years. My fellow board members and executive team join me in extending our sincerest sympathy to his family and loved ones, friends and colleagues. David instinctively knew that people are at the centre of all things mining.  He will be sorely missed.”

Northam further advises that:

  • Mr Temba Irvine Mvusi, Northam Holdings’ current lead independent director, has been appointed as the new chairman of the Northam Holdings Board and, pursuant to the policy dealing with the nomination of directors, elected as a director of Northam Platinum and appointed as the new chairman of Northam Platinum Board with immediate effect; and
  • Ms Hester Helena Hickey, an independent non-executive director of Northam Holdings, has been appointed as Northam Holdings’ new lead independent director, with immediate effect.

A further announcement regarding the necessary appointments to the affected Northam Holdings Board committees, following the vacancies which have arisen as a result of the passing of Mr Brown, will be published in due course.

20 June 2022

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