The sustainability of our business is critical to us, to our shareholders - or the providers of capital - and a range of other stakeholders, most importantly the group’s employees.

In identifying and reporting on sustainability matters, management has adopted an inclusive approach. We ensure that our identification and reporting of sustainability issues are informed by the context of the business, its business model and strategy, and the risks to the business, while also taking into account the needs and concerns of stakeholders, both internal and external.

Our Integrated annual report 2020 provides a holistic overview of the business, its performance and the value it creates for shareholders and an assessment of the group’s governance, economic, social and environmental impacts and performance during the reporting period.

We report in terms of the capitals – stocks of value that are affected by the activities and outputs of a business. Through a combination of quantitative and qualitative information conveyed under the six capitals, we provide users of the report with a good understanding of how we create value for all stakeholders.

Non-financial reporting indicators are defined