During the year, we identified exploration drilling at Booysendal as a business opportunity for local businesses and through a competitive tendering process, we appointed a 100% Black owned, Reaga Exploration Drilling (Pty) Ltd, as a drilling contractor.

The company is co-owned by a resident of Ga Phasha village, Bonolo President Moshaine Phasha, which is close to our Booysendal operations. Reaga which employs 38 people of whom 58% are from the local communities and the balance being from the labour sending areas.

Exploration drilling is used to investigate ore deposits or to explore the geological/commercial potential of sites. It allows geologists to extract and examine rock samples at the surface with reduced environmental impact and lower cost.

Established in 2019, Reaga Drilling’s purpose is to service the drilling needs of the mining industry and to be a leader in surface exploration drilling. The company offers a comprehensive range of rigs and combination rigs to suit the most demanding exploration projects including in mountainous terrain. Surface drilling is a capital and asset intensive business and Northam has supported Reaga to access funding through the Small Enterprise Finance Agency (SEFA) to buy the assets needed for the business.

Reaga is currently drilling at Booysendal mines and has completed shallow to deep holes and angle drilling. Currently, Reaga is exceeding its annual target by 1000m, even though it has been a difficult year with above average rain and drilling in mountainous areas.

Bonolo President Moshaine Phasha [photo]
I would like to thank Northam Booysendal mine for this opportunity. In general, exploration drilling is dominated by companies that are not local.

Bonolo President Moshaine Phasha
Co-owner Reaga Exploration Drilling

Reaga drill rig at Booysendal [photo]

Reaga drill rig at Booysendal