At Zondereinde, we have been working to transform our procurement approach in order to support local entrepreneurs in breaching economic divide which is so apparent in the country’s outlying areas. This journey of internal transformation has supported the creation of MJZ Mining, a black-owned company appointed to provide underground mining services at Zondereinde.

MJZ Mining’s story is one of a collective effort to deliver success. When three sole traders, Mr Mpho Malapane, Mr Godfrey Mnyameni and Mr Julius Naledi, joined forces to create MJZ Mining their aim was to grow their capacity, strengthen their resources and best position themselves for success. With the help of our mine overseer mentorship programme at Zondereinde, they landed a contract in September 2021 to haul two flat ends underground.

MJZ’s journey epitomises the phrase, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Today, MJZ Mining has 80 employees, 70% of who are from Zondereinde mine’s host community. Since the start of their contract, our Zondereinde site has provided resources and expertise to mentor, coach and develop MJZ.

SMMEs [photo]
We will remain grateful to Northam Zondereinde management for the opportunity provided. Our promised commitment to them is to deliver support to all the many families who depend on us. We would also like to acknowledge Zondereinde underground employees and our own employees for the joint support that has helped us to make a success of this opportunity.