It is the knowledge, skills and adaptability of the group’s workforce that drives the success of the business. The group’s workforce has increased by over 50% to 22 368 in the past eight years with more than 11,000 direct and sustainable jobs created.

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Our goal is to attract, retain and develop the best employees, while creating a diverse and inclusive workplace infused with a culture of respect and care.

Through a process of digital innovation, the group has secured access to a larger talent pool with the appropriate skills. The expansion requires adaptation to new ways of working, responding to emerging employee aspirations and overcoming skills shortages. Northam is committed to developing the core skills of employees and competencies at management level. This requires developing and retaining internal talent, and attracting and recruiting appropriately externally. This requires adaptation to new ways of working, responding to emerging employee aspirations and overcoming skills shortages in the South African mining sector.

Total number of permanent and contractor employees
Total workforce [graph]

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Employment equity legislation in South Africa aims to redress the imbalances of the past by promoting equal opportunity and eliminating all forms of discrimination.. Northam strives to achieve diversity of its workforce that reflects the demographics of our country.

Through the Senior Women Empowerment Circle launched in 2023, and under the leadership of the CEO Paul Dunne, the group strives to take a leading role in the empowerment of women in the industry

Women in Mining book cover [cover]
Employment equity as at 30 June 2023 (as per Mining Charter 3)
  Historically disadvantaged persons1 Historically disadvantaged Females2
  Actual (%) Target (%) Actual (%) Target (%)
Board 50 50 50 20
EXCO 50 50 0 20
Senior management 56 60 18 25
Middle management 63 60 21 25
Junior management 69 70 15 30
Core and critical skills 89 60 16 N/A
Persons with disabilities 1 1.5 12 N/A

Historically disadvantaged persons in management 67%LA (F2022: 64%) and women 17% in F2023 (F2022: 15%)

1 Historically disadvantaged persons excludes white males and foreign nationals, but includes white females
2 Historically disadvantaged females are reflected as a percentage of total workforce in line with the definition in the Mining Charter

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